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Interesting statistics about car insurance in Belleville

The following facts were compiled from Kanetix users:

  • The percentage of drivers in Belleville who have had one or more tickets within the past 6 years: 10.27%
  • The average yearly price of vehicle insurance in Belleville for drivers who have had one or more accidents within the past 6 years : $2190
  • The average yearly price of vehicle insurance in Belleville, for drivers who own: $1514
  • The average yearly price of vehicle insurance in Belleville for drivers who had one or more licence suspensions within past six years: $3317
  • The percentage of people in Belleville who have had one or more licence suspensions within the last 6 years: 2.37%

Belleville car insurance information

Belleville with a population of approximately 88,025 is situated at Bay of Quinte, at the mouth of the Moira River in southeastern Ontario, Canada. The town was originally names Meyer's Creek after a prominent settler and industrialist John Walden Meyers. In an upcoming election in 2010, the town might be renamed back to Meyersville or Meyerston. 

Many NHL stars were born in Belleville including: Bobby Hull, Brett Hull, Matt Cooke, Marc Crawford, and Andrew Raycroft. The City was also home to Canada's fifth Prime Minister, Sir MacKenzie Bowell, as well as author Farley Mowat. 

Many large companies have operations here including: Lipton, Procter & Gamble, Nortel, Sears and Wilson Sports. Belleville is also home to the Canadian Forces Post Office (CFPO) which serves as the mailing address for the Canadian Armed Forces Ships and Bases overseas. Since Belleville is a relatively smaller community compared with larger cities such as Montreal and Calgary, the price of car insurance might be lower than the rates found in these bigger cities. This is because it is generally held that there are fewer accidents when you have fewer cars. In any case it is always a good idea to shop online to see if you can get a better rate for your car insurance than you are currently paying. Here at Kanetix we would like to help the people of Belleville to find the best rates for your car insurance. Just click input your postal code above to get started. If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance in Ontario, compare quotes at

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