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How can I find car insurance quotes on

It’s simple. Spend a few minutes completing our brief questionnaire and we will show you the lowest rates for car insurance. We work with over 50 of Canada’s top insurance providers, so you can be confident you are getting the best deal. Our service is fast, free and secure.

In 2018, Ontario drivers saved an average of $600 per year when they compared rates on Over 7 million Canadian drivers have trusted to save them money.

For additional savings, consider bundling your car insurance with your home insurance.

What does need to find the best price on car insurance?

The following information is needed to make sure your quote is accurate:

Winter tires help keep us safe over the winter season. They also get you a discount of up to five per cent on auto insurance.

Do you just drive occasionally, and stick to small towns and rural areas? If you do, you’ll pay less than someone who spends a lot of time driving in the city, where accidents are more common.

Your daily commute is taken into consideration when calculating insurance premiums. If you walk or take public transit you will save money on car insurance. Less time on the road means less chance of a car accident. Insurance companies adjust their rates to reflect this.

Some insurance coverages are mandatory across Canada. This includes Third-Party Liability, which is used to cover the costs of a lawsuit if you are sued following a collision.

All provinces excluding Newfoundland and Labrador make Accident Benefits a compulsory component of auto insurance. This helps cover expenses like medical treatment or income replacement if you get hurt in a car accident.

There are also many optional coverages and endorsements to consider based on your individual needs. The most common are Collision Coverage (covers damage to your vehicle following a crash) and Comprehensive Coverage (covers damage to your vehicle from vandalism, theft or adverse weather).

It’s controversial, but insurance companies consider male drivers under age 25 to be a higher risk than female driver under the age of 25. As a result, rates for males are typically higher.

Insurance companies take your age into consideration. Generally speaking, younger drivers cost more to insure than older drivers. Young drivers should consider taking an accredited training program to save money on car insurance.

Insurance companies use all available data to assess the likelihood of someone making a claim. The data suggests that single people make more claims that married people. As a result, a married person will likely receive a lower quote.

Unfortunately, being out of work is considered high risk and insurance rates can be higher. This doesn’t apply to retirees, or to drivers in Ontario where providers are not allowed to change auto insurance rates based on employment status.

The rules of insurance are different depending on which class of licence you hold (learner or full). A full licence means you are more experienced, and the insurance companies will reward you with lower rates.

If you have been driving safely for a long time, insurance companies will be happy to lower your rates and keep you as a customer. Safe, experienced drivers get the cheapest insurance rates. Young drivers naturally lack years of experience, but can often be added to a parent’s policy as an occasional driver. This helps the youngster to develop the experience without having to pay for an individual policy until they are ready.

Insurance companies want to know about any previous accidents or speeding tickets you have received. Being a safe, considerate driver is the best way to lower your insurance premiums.

Tired of your insurance premiums being increased because of the bad drivers out there? Take advantage of a usage-based car insurance policy. A telematics device is installed in your car to monitor your good (and bad) driving habits. Controlled accelerating and breaking, slowing on corners, and other examples of good defensive driving will be noted and contribute towards a lower premium. It’s important to note, that insurers cannot increase the cost of your insurance based on the data reporting from telematics devices.

You should ask your insurance companies if they offer discounts for your memberships and affiliations. For example, being a member of a roadside assistance program usually lowers your rate.

Compare car insurance quotes from 50+ companies

At, we compare quotes from more car insurance companies than anywhere else. We work with over 90 per cent of Canadian auto insurance providers to find you the best deal, the largest network of insurers in the country.

You won’t find a better price anywhere else is a one-stop shop for car insurance. Our service is 100 per cent free and you won’t find a better price by looking on other websites or going direct. The quotes you see on come directly from the insurance companies.

How do insurance companies decide how much to charge?

Provincial governments decide which factors insurance companies can use to calculate rates. In Ontario, for example, the provincial organization is called the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (or FSRA). In order for a rate to change, an insurance provider must submit an application to FSRA, which reviews the data before approving or denying the change. Ontario’s Insurance companies will look to increase or decrease their rates every three months based on the number and type of claims they have received.

Are car insurance quotes from Kanetix accurate?

Yes. The car insurance quotes you see on come directly from the insurance companies. These are the same questions insurers ask as our quotes come from the same database insurers use.

Include as much information as possible when answering the questions to ensure the price you see is 100 per cent accurate.

What happens when I see the car insurance quote that I want?

Once you have picked out a quote that you like, simply connect with one of our ambassadors to lock in the best price.

What will Kanetix do for me once I choose a car insurance quote? Is there a catch?

Once you have selected a quote, speak with one of our ambassadors to get a priority line to the insurance provider. It’s a quick process and there is no catch! We make money from the insurance partners we work with, not from you. is free to use and we are dedicated to finding you the lowest rate on car insurance.

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