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What is an insurance bundle?

Insurance providers sell many types of coverage. If you go looking for a car insurance policy, they may ask if you are interested in home insurance too. When you purchase multiple insurance products from the same company, it is called an insurance bundle.

What are the advantages to bundling insurance policies?

Bundling is beneficial for both the provider and for you. The provider receives business on more of their products, while consumers can streamline their payment schedule with one bill and one renewal date. Most insurance companies offer a discount on bundled insurance products and for this reason, it is also called a multi line discount.

Save money

If you opt for a home and auto insurance bundle, you can save on both policies. The exact amount will depend on your individual circumstances, but many companies offer up to 15 percent savings on car insurance and 10 percent savings on home insurance.

Considering the average Ontario resident pays $1,505 per year for car insurance (Insurance Bureau of Canada: 2018 data) and $1,284 for home insurance (J.D. Power Canada: 2018 data), bundling them together would mean annual savings of $345.15.


Combined car and home insurance is not just more affordable, it is also more efficient.

You will only have to remember one payment and one renewal date, and should you have to make changes to your personal information, you will only have to contact one company.

If there is an incident in which your home and car are both damaged, (for example, you reverse into your driveway, and your rear bumper hits your house), a bundled home and auto policy means you may only have to file one claim and pay one deductible. Without bundling, you would have to file separate claims for home and auto, recounting the event for each insurer, and pay separate deductibles.

Why home and car insurance?

Red car parked in front of suburban home.

Throughout Canada, you must have valid auto insurance in order to operate a motor vehicle, and if you have a mortgage, home insurance is typically mandatory too. As a result, they are the most commonly bundled products. However, auto insurance can also be bundled with tenant or condo insurance on

How to bundle with

Follow the same process as if you were getting an individual car or home insurance quote. When you get to the “Discounts” section, we will ask if you are interested in bundling:

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Spend a few minutes entering your information, and we will present you with the best available price. If you like what you see, connect with one of our ambassadors to secure your rate.

Save on home and car insurance

Bundling your policies is a great way to save money. If you have separate policies, you are likely wasting hundreds of dollars each year.

We work with more insurance providers than anyone else, and we make it easy to compare insurance quotes by listing them all in one place. Our service is completely free, there are no hidden costs and your information will never be shared without your consent.

Once you have bundled your policies together you can relax and enjoy your savings, but don’t forget to compare quotes when your policy is up for renewal.

We are are committed to saving you time and money. Compare quotes today!

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