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Interesting statistics about car insurance in Huntsville

The following facts were compiled from Kanetix users:

  • The percentage of drivers in Huntsville who have had one or more vehicles stolen within the past 6 years: 0.16%
  • The average yearly price of vehicle insurance in Huntsville, for drivers who own: $1748

  • The average yearly price of vehicle insurance in Huntsville for drivers who had one or more licence suspensions within past six years: $3040
  • The percentage of people in Huntsville who lease their vehicle: 7.51%
  • The percentage of people in Huntsville who have had one or more licence suspensions within the last 6 years: 3.04%

Huntsville car insurance information

Huntsville is a major tourist destination in the Muskoka Region of Ontario. The many lakes, summer camps, and resorts within the town's boundaries make it an ideal tourist attraction. Since it's so close to both Algonquin Park, and Toronto, it makes it an easy spot to get to as well. Huntsville supports a number of art festivals and activities, including the annual Muskoka Novel Marathon.

While Huntsville's population is normally approximately 18,200 people, the increase in population as cottage goers flood the area in the summertime means more drivers on the road, and with that, the potential for traffic congestion, accidents and car theft increases.

To get the best rates on your auto insurance, you need to shop around and compare car insurance quotes. If you live in Huntsville, ON and are looking for competitive Huntsville car insurance quotes, Kanetix can help you find what you're looking for. Bringing together some of Canada's top insurers, Kanetix offers online Huntsville auto insurance rates for auto insurance coverage that offers you the insurance protection you need.

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