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Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less on your Lethbridge auto insurance coverage? As necessary as auto insurance is, it’s an expense that can eat away at your budget. At, we can help you find savings on your Lethbridge auto insurance, so you can spend your money on the things you truly enjoy. Perhaps you’re saving up for a road trip with the family, a new television, or you’re simply trying to cut back on expenses. Whatever it is, can help you keep more money in your wallet by helping you find the best deal on your Lethbridge auto insurance.

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There’s a reason why Alberta’s Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) recommends that you visit to compare rates in the province. We help you compare Lethbridge auto insurance quotes from many of Alberta’s best-known and respected auto insurance providers. 

When you shop your insurance rate with us, you’ll have access to Lethbridge auto insurance quotes from broker-based insurance providers, providers who work with agents, and direct writers too. Only gives you access to all three types of insurance providers in Alberta, which means we truly shop the province’s auto insurance market for you to find you the best deal on your Lethbridge coverage. 

The fundamentals about your Lethbridge auto insurance coverage 

In Alberta, whether you live in Lethbridge or elsewhere, your auto insurance policy is made of two main components: your basic coverage and your additional coverage. Both types of coverage are regulated by the Automobile Insurance Rate Board. 

Your policy’s basic coverage includes: third party liability as well as accident benefits. The former provides protection in the event you’re sued if you’ve caused an injury or damage to a third party, while the latter provides coverage for injuries that you or your passengers sustain if in a collision. 

Unlike your policy’s basic coverage which is mandatory, your additional coverage is optional. There are a variety of additional coverage options available to you, however, the two most well-known are comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages to your vehicle (minus your deductible) that are caused by things like fire, theft, and vandalism. Collision coverage, on the other hand, will pay for damages to your car (again, minus the deductible) for damages caused by a collision with another vehicle or object (like a telephone pole). 

As mentioned, collision and comprehensive coverages both typically require that a deductible be paid in the event of a claim. When choosing your Lethbridge car insurance deductibles, choose them knowing: 

  • Should you need to make a claim, this is the amount of money you’ll be out of pocket 
  • The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums 

So, the trick here is to have your auto insurance deductibles set as high as you can comfortably afford. 

The essentials about your Lethbridge auto insurance rates 

There are oodles (and we mean oodles) of factors that go into determining the auto insurance rate you pay. Of course, there’s where you live (or territory as the AIRB call it) that plays a role in your premium along with details like the following: 

  • At-fault collisions and driving convictions you may have on your record 
  • Your age, gender and years licensed • For new drivers, driver’s training will affect your premium 
  • The type of vehicle you drive and the typical mileage you put on it each year 
  • How you use your vehicle (e.g. is it just for pleasure driving or do you use it daily for your commute to work) 
  • The policy coverages options you elect to include or exclude 
  • The number of vehicles being insured as well as the number of drivers listed on the policy 

With so many variables involved in determining what goes into your Lethbridge auto insurance rate, it’s easy to see why premiums can vary so drastically. What’s more, premiums do not stagnant and often fluctuate making comparison shopping the only surefire way to keep your premiums in line. Yet, too often drivers allow their policy to automatically renew. 

The risk of auto renewing your Lethbridge auto insurance 

It’s easy to fall into the belief that the insurance provider who gave you the best Lethbridge auto insurance rate last time you shopped around, will continue to do so today. Perhaps that’s why many drivers simply let their policy automatically renew without first testing the market. This however, is a missed opportunity for potentially significant savings. Don’t leave your hard-earned money on the insurance company’s table. Compare your Lethbridge auto insurance rate, at minimum each year, before your policy renews to ensure you’re not overpaying for your Lethbridge car insurance rates. 

Insurance savings tips you can take to the bank 

While shopping your rate is likely going to yield you the best opportunity to save some significant cash, there are a few insider tips we’d like to share with you to help you save even more: 

  • Do you change your tires seasonally? Make sure your insurance provider knows as they may offer you a winter tire discount that could save you up to 5 per cent. 
  • Do you pay your premiums monthly? If you can afford to pay your premiums in one lump annual sum, you might save some money as it’s not uncommon for monthly payments to be subject to an administrative fee. 
  • Do you insure your home and auto through the same provider? See if you could save on your auto insurance and home insurance by securing coverage for both from the same company. By bundling your policies, you could save in the area of five to 15 per cent. This discount (which is officially called a multi-line discount) is also offered to condo owners and tenants too. 

Ready to start socking away more cash into your savings? 

With many of Alberta’s most recognizable auto insurance brands at, it’s easy to shop your Lethbridge auto insurance rate for a lower premium. Get ready to start saving your money and compare auto insurance quotes today.

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