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Find a Better Car Insurance Rate in Mississauga

The costs of owning an automobile can be pricey. There’s maintenance costs, fuel prices and the cost of car insurance to name just a few. On this latter point, however, a great way to save is to compare auto insurance rates when it’s time to renew (although anytime is a good time to shop your rate to save money).

The reason why it’s important to compare rates and compare them often is because rates often change. Every quarter, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) reviews and approves (where appropriate) rate change requests by insurers seeking to update their rates. This means that rates can change four times a year! This also means that the great rate you got last time may not be the lowest rate you can get now.

On average, Mississauga drivers save $610 after searching quotes with It only takes a few minutes and one form. Instead of going to multiple sites to compare rates, you can fill out our form and we’ll show you rates directly from many of Ontario’s top insurers. We shop for your lowest rate from more than 50 providers so when you compare insurance rates with us, you truly are comparing the market.

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Mississauga auto premiums vary from insurer to insurer. When calculating your premium, auto insurance companies consider things like your driving experience and insurance history, as well as where you live and the vehicle you drive.

If you own a vehicle that is more likely to be stolen, that could affect your insurance premium. To see if your car is a popular target for theft, check out the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s annual list of the most stolen cars in Canada. If you’re in the market for a new car, it may be helpful to review this list to make sure your first choice is not the top choice for car thieves!

These are the top 12 most popular vehicles in Mississauga, according to auto insurance quotes from shoppers over the last year:

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Toyota Corolla
  3. Mazda’s Mazda3
  4. Honda Accord
  5. Hyundai Elantra
  6. Toyota Camry
  7. Honda CR-V
  8. Volkswagen Jetta
  9. Dodge Grand Caravan
  10. Toyota RAV4
  11. Nissan Altima
  12. Nissan Rogue

Mississauga is a sprawling city with a population of 721,599 people. Based on the most recent census data, Mississauga’s population increased by 1.1 per cent from 2011 to 2016.

Mississauga drivers have a longer commute on average compared to other Ontario cities. Residents spend an average of 32 minutes commuting to work, more than the provincial average of 28.8 minutes as well as the country’s average of 26.2 minutes.

This is one of the factors that may affect your auto insurance premium. It may not seem like much to spend an extra 5 minutes more on the road than the average Ontario driver, but the more you drive, the higher your chances of getting a ticket or being in a collision.

If you’re curious about what other drivers pay in neighbouring cities, you can see the common cost of insurance using’s InsuraMap.

Mississauga drivers have some of the lowest stats compared to other cities in Ontario when it comes to tickets and accidents: Just 88.85 per cent of drivers who got a quote with reported they did not have tickets on their record, while 81.97% of drivers said they were collision-free for the last 10 years.

Keeping tickets and accidents off your record is an excellent way to keep your premiums low. Ideally, you’ll never get a ticket or be in a collision, but accidents happen. If you have a ticket or accident on your record, you should still compare rates to make sure you’re not overpaying for your auto coverage because some insurers are more forgiving than others.

As Canada’s 6th largest city, Mississauga is an expansive city in just a short 30 minute commute from Toronto. It is home to many commuters, which means more cars on the road. In such a busy city, remember to be aware of these driving tips to stay safe:

  • Avoid driving distractions: It’s tempting to take your eyes of the road to change the radio station, talk to a passenger in the back or even to drink your morning coffee on your way to work. But remember, distractions can be dangerous and are the leading cause of collisions on Ontario’s roads.
  • Check your blind spot: With all the highway driving Mississauga drivers do, remember that being vigilant about the traffic around you can go a long way towards keeping you safe.
  • Avoid speeding: Pay attention to speed limits especially in municipal areas in the city and residential neighbourhoods, which range from 40 to 80 km/h. Keep watch for pedestrians and use caution at major intersections which tend to be hot spots for collisions.
  • Plan ahead: Don’t let road closures affect your journey. Plan your route ahead of time and check for construction or major highway closures on the QEW or the 427 before you set out to avoid being stuck in traffic longer than necessary.

Easy ways to lower your Mississauga car insurance rate

Compare quotes: One of the easiest ways to lower your car insurance rate is to compare rates with as many insurance providers as you can (and at Kanetix we’ll shop the market for you). If it turns out that your current provider currently gives you the best rate, then you can have peace of mind knowing you really do have a great rate. If on the other hand you find better rates than what you currently have, you can change providers to save money.

Install winter tires: When Mississauga drivers were asked if they installed winter tires on their vehicle, 94.8 per cent said yes. It comes as no surprise that so many drivers install winter tires during the winter season, especially given how cold and icy it can get some days.

If the safety benefits of installing winter tires aren’t enough, there are discount benefits as well. Ontario drivers who install their winter tires in November and keep them on until April qualify for up to a 5 per cent discount on their premium. It should also be noted that changing your tires in the winter increases the longevity of your summer tires, which also helps you save money.

Join an automobile club. A popular automobile club is the Canadian Automotive Association (CAA). Being a member or part of an association like this can get you a discount, and it never hurts to have roadside assistance available, especially if you drive an older vehicle.

Consider changing your deductible. Your deductible is the amount you agree to pay, should you get into an accident and need to submit a claim. A quick way to lower your premium is to change your deductible from $500 to $1000. Making this change can lower your premium five to 10 per cent, which can add up quickly over a few years. Just make sure that if you do decide to increase your deductible, you can afford the higher cost.

Take a few minutes to save $610*

Car insurance is a necessary expense when you’re a driver. What isn’t necessary is paying more than you should! If you’re interested in joining the millions of drivers who have lowered their auto premiums, let help you compare quotes for free.

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*75% of Kanetix customers in Ontario who participated in the survey said Kanetix helped them identify an average savings amount of $610 (June – November 2017) on their car insurance. The cited amount represents the average difference between the best quote obtained at and the current premium amount of participants in the survey. The savings amount varies by individual and does not constitute a guarantee; in each individual case, the difference may be smaller or greater than the savings amount cited.