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Newmarket Car Insurance

Newmarket has a smaller population relative to places like Hamilton or Toronto, which can be a good thing when it comes to vehicle insurance. Insurance providers say that when there are fewer drivers, often, there are fewer accidents. This can mean lower car insurance premiums relative to larger centers.

At, drivers in Newmarket can find the best rates on their car insurance. Our service compares more auto insurance providers than anyone else and is absolutely free of charge to use. Compare quotes from Canada’s largest network of insurance providers to find the best rates on car insurance in Newmarket. After all, shopping around is the easiest and fastest way to save!

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7 Easy Ways to Save on Your Newmarket Car Insurance

  1. Park in the driveway – Cars parked in a garage or in a private driveway at night cost less to insure. No snow on your windshields, but more savings? Sign us up!
  2. Winter tires – Speaking of snow, if you install winter tires from November to April you’re eligible for some sweet winter saving
  3. Take public transit - Did you know your commute is one of the factors that affects your auto insurance rate? For some drivers, switching to public transit can lower their auto insurance premiums by reducing the amount of time spent on the road.
  4. Be disloyal – Sticking with the same insurance provider year after year is convenient, but is it costing you? Often the savings that come from switching providers strongly outnumber any loyalty discount offered by one provider.
  5. Sign your kids up for drivers ed – If it’s time for your child to start taking steps towards getting their G1, signing them up for a Ministry-approved driver’s training program can save you—and eventually them—big time. Newmarket has lots of driving schools, so be sure to choose one listed on the Ministry of Transportation’s website .
  6. Bundle up – Adding multiple insurance policies such as your car insurance and home insurance under the same provider can earn you significant savings on both policies.
  7.  Shop 'til the price drops – Of course, shopping around is the easiest way to save. Compare the most quotes on to see if you could be getting a better rate!

A Brief History of Newmarket

The town of Newmarket has a population of approximately 84,220, according to 2016 Census data. Newmarket is located 45 km north of Toronto. The main river in Newmarket is the East Holland River which flows north, draining into Lake Simcoe. The direction of the river's flow is due to the fact that the town lies north of the Oak Ridges Moraine. The river system was originally slated to become an inland port and locks were built on the river but the plan was cancelled in the early part of the 20th Century.

Newmarket is characterized by hills and then the land drops off suddenly, as you head northward into the Holland Marsh. The town lies just south of the Algonquin Shoreline which means it was on the edge of the proglacial lake of the same name from the last ice age. As such the land was formed from glacial deposits made as the ice retreated. These deposits of sand and gravel however are not readily visible here, as they are too deeply buried.

The town was first settled in 1801 by Quakers. In 1908, Pickering College moved here and is a Quaker founded independent school. The name of the town came from the great number of goods produced by the local mills and was dubbed the "New Market" vs. the "Old Market" which was Toronto.

Today, Newmarket is in a suburban growth phase which is fueled primarily by the need for affordable housing for Toronto workers. Famous people who came from or live in Newmarket apparently include: Ben Johnson, Jim Carrey, members of the rock band Glass Tiger, Elvis Stojko, and Jamie Macoun.

As Newmarket continues to grow, it will become increasingly important for drivers looking to save on car insurance to regularly shop around. You wouldn’t buy the first car you see, so why should car insurance be any different?

Interesting Stats About Drivers in Newmarket

The 2016 Census gives us some interesting insights into drivers in Newmarket—as well as revealing some ways for you to save.

  • 78% of Newmarket commuters drive to work, while 7% are passengers
  • Just 9% of Newmarket commuters take public transit to work. Did you know your commute is one of the factors that affects your auto insurance rate? For some drivers, switching to public transit can lower their auto insurance premiums by reducing their commute time.
  • Of Newmarket drivers that commute to work, 46% leave for work between the hours 7am and 9am. Reduce time spent in traffic by leaving before or after these popular times.
  • Newmarket’s population grew 5.1% between 2011 and 2016, which means more drivers on the road. Shop around to ensure you’re still getting the best rate!

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