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A Complete Guide to North Bay Car Insurance

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Car insurance in North Bay

Car insurance in Ontario is required by law. While you can't change the law, you can control how much you spend on your auto insurance, and who will get your business. Since rates change frequently, shopping around is vital to ensure you're getting the best insurance rate in North Bay. The rate you can get now compared to a year ago can be significant savings in your pocket!

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) reviews and approves the latest car insurance rate changes on a quarterly basis so rates can change a lot in the span of a year. Keep track of how auto insurance rates change by subscribing to the Car Insurance Rate Tracker.

The basics of your car insurance policy

Your car insurance policy is made up of some mandatory coverages, as well as a few optional coverages. The mandatory coverages include the following:
  • Accident Benefits: Accident Benefits covers the people in a vehicle in the event of injury. Coverage can include medical and rehabilitation costs, funeral expenses, death benefits, as well as income replacement. As of June, 2016 there are some changes to your Accident Benefits. Learn more about the changes.
  • Third Party Liability: Third Party Liability coverage pays for a legal claim against the policyholder in the event that they are responsible (whether wholly or partially) for a collision that causes injury or damage to a third party. The minimum limit requirement is $200,000 although most drivers go with at least $1 million.
  • Direct Compensation - Property Damage: Commonly referred to as DCPD, this provides coverage for damage to your car and any property inside the car as a result of an automobile accident in which you are not-at-fault.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This component of the standard Ontario auto insurance policy provides coverage for you and your family if you are in an accident and injured or killed by hit-and-run driver or by a driver who is not insured.
There are optional coverages that can be added to your car insurance policy to ensure you're protected in the way you expect to be covered. Two of the most common coverages are:
  • Collision: This covers damage to your vehicle as a result of an impact or collision with another vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive: This insures your car against damage caused by events like theft and vandalism.
Both of these optional coverages typically come with a deductible which, depending on what you select as your deductible, will factor into how your auto insurance rates are calculated. For example, generally the higher the deductible you choose the lower your car insurance rate.

What goes into your North Bay car insurance rate?

More than 64,000 people now live in North Bay, which is situated at the junctions of Highway 11 and Highway 17. Located 330 kilometres (210 miles) north of Toronto, North Bay remains a chief transportation centre for Northern Ontario.

The average age of drivers from North Bay shopping for car insurance at is 39 and male drivers (62%) outnumber their female counterparts (38%) by a significant margin.

When it comes time to renew car insurance policies or set up new ones, North Bay residents will have to deal with the same common factors evaluated by insurance agents throughout Canada. Among these elements are where you live, the car you drive, your commute and your driving record.

Where you live in North Bay

Drivers in any Canadian city must face the possibility of auto collisions or accidents on a daily basis, even though they do their best to avoid any mishaps behind the wheel. Similarly, the threat of car theft and other unfortunate incidents are carefully evaluated by insurance agents and brokers when calculating the cost of driving insurance.

Where you reside in North Bay may impact the cost of your automobile insurance as certain areas pose more of a driving challenge than others

The car you drive in North Bay

To lower the overall cost of car insurance, many drivers select an automobile that is high in safety ratings and lower in value. If the car you choose is also easy to repair and hard to steal, you may have the right strategic fit to lower your insurance bill. You can be sure that car insurance companies will use the vast amount of vehicle data available on the different vehicle models to set rates.

When filling in information to get low rates on, North Bay drivers list the Honda Civic most often, followed by the Hyundai Electra. In third place is the Dodge Ram, with the Toyota Corolla and Chevrolet Cruze reported as the fourth and fifth most popular models.

Your driving history

Your driving history, of course, is also an important source of information used when determining auto insurance rates. Expect insurance companies to look carefully at your past driving behaviour, including accidents, infractions, tickets or charges. While these will count against you when rates are processed, those with clean driving records should end up saving on insurance costs.

About 57 per cent of North Bay drivers report having at least one car accident, as indicated while obtaining their auto insurance quotes. Slightly less (49%), have reported getting at least one ticket. Male drivers (49%) and female drivers (50%) are virtually equal in terms of having received one ticket.

Benefits of safe driving

Using snow tires in North Bay seems to be a no-brainer especially when you consider that about 118 inches or 300 cm of snow falls in the area annually. Therefore, we are not surprised that 89 per cent of drivers there use winter tires.

For those who specifically buy and install four winter tires in November and keep them on until April, there may be an additional benefit. A small discount (up to 5 per cent) is being offered by car insurance companies province-wide to motorists installing winter tires. The safety measure was introduced at the beginning of 2016 by the Ontario government.

Many insurance companies are also willing to provide a slight discount to drivers that are enrolled in some type of roadside assistance program. In North Bay, 22 per cent of car insurance shoppers mention that they use roadside assistance programs and should inform their insurance providers to see if they qualify for a discount.

Drive safely and save

Customers who hold multiple policies with one insurance firm generally get a hefty discount for making that choice. It turns out, that car insurance customers in North Bay have warmed up to that idea and more than half (51%) say they intend to use same provider to take advantage of a multi-line discount plan.

There are several discounts insurance companies offer and some of these are often unintentionally ignored by customers. Completing a driving course or simply getting good grades in school may qualify you for a discount. Also, installing additional anti-theft equipment on your vehicle, belonging to certain organizations or being a retired senior are all valid ways to save on insurance costs.

Shopping around can save you money

Comparing North Bay auto insurance rates on a regular basis will ensure you're not overpaying for your coverage when it's time to renew. When your lifestyle changes, or you get married, move, or buy a new car, these are also good times to save and get a lower auto insurance rate.

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